Designed and manufactured in switzerland

Swiss Handmade

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Why we bend it

By bending we can limit the material waste that would occur during milling to a minimum. We also chose titanium and brass because it is durable and recyclable. Patina is bend for a lifetime.

A very big pile of metal shavings on the left and a significantly smaller pile on the rightA very big pile of metal shavings on the left and a significantly smaller pile on the right



More than fifteen bending steps are needed to make a titanium or brass wallet. The bending is done by hand with specially made bending fixtures to ensure high precision. Be inspired by the filmed production steps and the exact working method. The whole wallet from design to production and packaging is developed and manufactured in Switzerland. PATINA is Swiss handmade.


A bending step on a vice. This step requires several individual tools which must be inserted into each other before the bending can be completed. After this step, the wallet acquires its first visible characteristic of its shape.


Every little detail is made with love and by people who understand their craft well. Like for example the deburring of the sharp sheet metal corners on the polishing machine.

The top part of the packaging. It slides into the base to cover the wallet.The wallet slides into the packaging.The base packaging build from environmentally friendly materials. It securely holds the wallet.

Product packaging

No plastic parts are used in the packaging. It is made only from natural cardboard, without coating and printing. The few markings on the cardboard are stamped by hand with ecological ink.