Unique Handling


Swiss Handmade

Designed and manufactured in switzerland
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Wallet with swiss bills and black credit cards

Maximum Space

Patina holds your cards and banknotes securely in two separate chambers. The inner chamber and the loop-chamber are designed for up to ten cards and more than six banknotes.


The banknotes move smoothly through the loop- chamber by drawing and pushing. The curvature supports you in handling.

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Brass patina wallet with single euro bill


Patina allows an incredibly intuitive handling. Every card is extremely fast accessible by sliding the cards with your thumbs in one direction through the backside slit.

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Only one sheet of brass or titanium brings everything together. Due to the chosen curvature, Patina sits comfortable in your hand. Form follows function in a common way. Cards and banknotes are held by two springs without complex mechanical functions. The design also provides easy access to banknotes and cards without having to open it.

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Small in size and still a beauty. Only 65 to 86 millimetres united with harmonic proportions complete the design in a lovely way and with you by its side, it gets its perfection of Patina.

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You can engrave your wallet to give it a personal touch. With more than 60 characters on two lines, you can immortalize your name, your company name or an important meaning.

Henry Ford
1863 – 1947

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1 Year Patina

The metal surface reacts to its environment and captures your life by becoming an individual patina with time passing.

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Brass wallet surrounded by metal objectsTitanium wallet surrounded by metal objects

Two beautiful finishes